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New Web Site Announcement:

Welcome to eSyst: Systems View of Electronics. This National Science Foundation funded project DUE# 0702753 provides educational resources to help electronics faculty at two-year community colleges to modify their existing traditional electronics courses so the emphasis is now on systems applications versus component analysis.

We hope you enjoy the web site.  If you have any questions on the web site or the eSyst project, please contact Michael Lesiecki by email at michael.lesiecki@domail.maricopa.edu or by phone at (480) 731-8050.

View the recorded eSyst Webinar series:

eSyst produced its own webinar series, hosted by MATEC NetWorks. These webinars are about the six eSyst courses and how to implement each into your classroom.

DC/AC Circuits 09/18/2009 View Webinar Recording
Solid State Devices 10/16/2009 View Webinar Recording
Digital Fundamentals 11/20/2009 View Webinar Recording
Microprocessors 01/29/2010 View Webinar Recording
Data Acquisition 02/19/2010 View Webinar Recording
Electronics Communication 04/02/2010 View Webinar Recording

Check Out M.I.T.’s Virtual Electronics Lab:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is part of the eSyst: System Electronics Project where its expertise in the deployment of remote online laboratories (iLabs) is being used to develop an online live systems electronics laboratory to support the eSyst Systems courses.

You may find more information on the current iLabs online lab activities at openilabs.mit.edu and at openilabs.mit.edu/ServiceBroker.

The iLabs Project uses real live electronics equipment linked to an interface software application that allows students and faculty to run pre-developed lab activities remotely from their classrooms, electronics laboratories, or from their homes via the internet. Through the usage of these unique online lab activities, students experience the live interaction with equipment and receive real-time data returned to them for further analysis.

Check out the links above to take your students to the next level of live electronics and semiconductor lab experimentation.

New news:

All six eSyst courses are now live! DC/AC, Solid State Devices, Digital Fundamentals, Microprocessor, Data Acquisition, and Electronics Communications. Check out the Implementation Guide to find out how to integrate eSyst courses into your regular curriculum.