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Learning Outcomes

Goals & Rationale



Welcome to eSyst!

eSystSyst is a new website for educators in the field of electronics technology education.

eSystSyst is a learning resource that advocates a systems view for electronics technology education. It provides a platform for faculty collaboration and information dissemination pertaining to the eSyst project and vision, including educators associated with electronics technology programs in:

  • Community colleges
  • 4-year undergraduate programs
  • High schools

eSystSyst is also an updated instructional resource with a systems focus ready for integration into existing electronics technology curriculum and degree programs.

eSystSyst is a tool to assist 2-year electronics technology programs in their student recruitment and retention efforts.

eSystSyst is a career showcase for the future workforce in electronics technology.

Who, What and Why?

Employers want technicians who can install, test, and replace electronics systems.  Get started learning about electronics systems technology today!

Course materials are organized by the typical courses titles found in most AAS electronics technology degree programs, to access:

  • Related systems concepts,
  • Learning objectives, and
  • Instructional materials.

What’s included in the instructional materials?
The instructional materials were developed to give students the information and practice they’ll need to show competency in each learning objective.  The materials vary between lecture slides, learning activities, labs and assessment tools.

Why are these new systems concepts important?
These are the concepts electronics systems technicians have to understand in order to perform their modern job responsibilities.

Why use learning outcomes?
Using measurable learning outcomes will help students know what they have to be able to do to show competency for each new systems concept.