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eSyst Goals and Rationale

Why are these new systems concepts important?
These are the concepts electronics systems technicians have to understand in order to perform their modern job responsibilities.


  1. Revise curriculum and courses, create new materials for instructors' and students' learning and enrichment, and provide guidance for faculty to use the emerging systems view of electronics

  2. Develop a complete web-based delivery system for the resources associated with the Systems View of Electronics Technology.

  3. Increase enrollment and retention in electronics technology programs.

  4. Ensure the curriculum addresses the needs of industry by incorporating the most recent electronics methods, circuits, systems, and practices involving simulations and online laboratories.

As the field of Electronics Technology is undergoing rapid and significant changes, a conflicting set of trends has converged:

  • The definition of an electronics technician has changed. Positions that use electronics technician skills are now in a wide range of industries including biotechnology, manufacturing, entertainment, automotive and consumer products. Electronics technology is a key enabler of all of these contemporary industries. The jobs are there, but they are not necessarily labeled for electronics technicians. Employers in many industries are hurting for qualified applicants; yet electronics technology education program enrollments nationwide are down.

  • Most electronics technicians do not view the world at a component level any longer. Most electronics technicians do not troubleshoot and replace discrete components. Instead, they must have a total systems view and, importantly, a view of how that system communicates both inside itself and with the outside world. (The generic definition of a "system" is a combination of multiple related elements organized into a more complex whole to perform some useful service. For electronics we can say that a system is an assembly of electronics and sometimes mechanical components as well as the software that operate together as a unit to perform some function.)

  • Much of the training that technicians acquired as recently as five years ago has become out-of-date due to rapid technological advancements in many areas of electronics and other technologies.

  • There is a need to restructure programs to make them more relevant to industry and more attractive to new generations of students.